Hemingford Senior Citizen Menu

Monday July 16 through Friday July 20:

Please call 487-5550 by 10:00 am with any attendance changes.


Monday=July 16                                                Tuesday= July 17

Chef Salad w/ Eggs,Cheese, Tomato ,        Oven Fried Chicken

Cucumber, Rolled Meat, Sweet Potato      Broccoli

 Tots,                                                                          Mashed Potatoes w/ gravy

Sherbert                                                                    Rice Pudding




Wednesday =July 18                                          Thursday= July 19

Pulled Pork Sand.                                               Liver and Onions or Alternate

Coleslaw                                                                 Green Beans

Potato Wedge                                                        Ambrosia

Strawberries & Bananas                                   Fruit Juice

Sliced Pears


Friday= July 20                                             

Fish Sandwich w/ Trimmings

Macaroni and Cheese

Spinach Salad

Peach Crisp



All meals are served with margarine, 2% milk, and wheat bread,  unless otherwise indicated.